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Time:08:19 pm
Current Mood:busybusy
So, I haven't written in a very long time b/c I have been so busy I feel like I could just scream.
I know I said I'd make my journal sexy, but it's turning out to be way harder than I thought, so how bout just making it pseudo sexy. Sexy when I feel like it.
I went nuts adding tons of stuff to my Amazon wish list. I swear, when I get married, I'm going to add so much stuff to my lists that I'll have to invite everyone in the world just to get everything off of it. I just get excited and then click and add and then I daydream about what I'd do wearing those shoes, or that belly ring, or reading that book. If I ever win the lottery, I'll buy everything off that list. But that means I'd have to start playing the lottery.
Well, it won't surprise anyone who's seen my list, I love pin up girl art. I think they're much more sexy than the skinny models of today. Besides, I'm curvy like a pin up, I love those girly clothes, my house has pin up in it. I've thought about offering a pin up photo cd, but then realized I'd have to get a real photographer to do it for me, plus I'd have to show my face. So it's probably not going to happen.
Once again, I'm messing around online instead of doing what needs to be done, the more stressed I get, the more I avoid getting things done. Yikes.
Anyway, I need to get going.

Subject:Jared Leto wants me!
Time:07:42 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
So I went to the 30 seconds to mars concert on Friday and had the best time ever! I'd been looking forward to it for a long time now and it was even better than I had hoped it would be.
My friend Paula came over so we could get ready together. She's more on the quiet side, so she wanted some advice on make up and hair and stuff like that. No biggie. It was funny b/c I was changing and she asked if she should leave the room. I was like, I don't care, you have everything I do, no big deal, but I realized that I'm more comfy w/ my body than a lot of girls my age. So I was standing there in my black mesh push up bra and my black lace booty shorts trying to decide what to wear. I saw myself in the full length mirror and thought, I look good tonight! I finally settled on a purple and black corset with a black ribbon up the front, a black mini skirt with ties on the sides that came down to mid thigh, fishnet thigh hi's and my kick ass boots. They're black with a marron accent in the right light and covered in buckles up the front, plus they have a 3 inch platform. So Paula had to help me into my corset because I could get it closed up to my boobs, then I had to hold them up while she zipped the back, then push them down into place. Yep, they were out there. I curled and sprayed my hair so the red underneath showed through then put on black and purple eyshadow and a purple-red lipstick, sprayed myself with vanilla body spray and was ready to go.
Well, it was freezind cold on the walk to the venue, the wind was terrible and blowing up my skirt, but we just walked that much faster. We got there, heard a few god awful opening acts, I had a cranberry vodka and didn't even get carded, then the band came on. They played a few songs, then they announced they were going to play a song they wanted us to sing along to. It turns out it was my favorite song by them off any of their CDs. This song makes me wet when I just hear it and I had told Paula if they played it live, I would pee myself. So they said this is called The Kill and I looked at Paula and said "I'm so peeing right now" I wasn't really, but I was still excited. I felt like I was creaming myself. So the show continued and then the band said if anyone wanted to stay after, they'd sign autographs and take pics. So, of course, we stayed after.
Now, this is Jared Leto's band, and he's super hot, and I have a mad crush on him, so I was dying at the chance to meet him. We get in line and wait for an hour, then it comes time for us to go through. I was a bit disappointed b/c everyone was just being ushered through without even saying anything to the band. So I pull out my ticket stub for them to sign, get in front of Jared and say, "I hope you get better soon" b/c on stage he had mentioned he was sick. He said thanks, then actually looked at me. Well, he looked at my boobs, stared I should say, and I was like wow, Jared Leto's staring at my boobs, I guess I must be pretty hot. Then he finally looked at my face and held eye contact for an extended period of time. He smiled and said "It was great seeing you." and there was this huge pause where neither of us said anything, but just stared at each other, then another person's stuff got put in front of him for his autograph and I turned around, breaking eye contact first.
So we walk away and I'm like wow, I bet if I would've said, you should fuck me, he would have, It was that kind of stare he gave me. So, now that he's somewhat attainable, I don't have as mad of a crush on him anymore. Weird, I know, but I just thought it would be different than any other guy. But Paula thinks I should be feeling like a goddess now b/c he's dated famous chicks and he was still looking at me like that. I guess I am. So, haha Hollywood, my boobs can steal your men! And the rest of me isn't too bad either.
Very memorable night indeed.

Subject:to pierce or not to pierce?
Time:11:00 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
So I'm thinking about getting my clit hood pierced. So many girls have their belly buttons done (me included) that I want to do something different. I'm not sure, I've heard that it enhances sexual pleasure and I've seen a lot of girls in porn with it done. I thought about getting my nipples done, but they're very sensitive already and one of my friends had hers pierced and then she wasn't able to breast feed her new baby. I don't want that to happen to me. But I did some looking and talking to people and I guess it's just through the hood so it doesn't hurt very much and because it's not actually in a bunch of nerves, it wouldn't cause any problems later on in life.
I think it would be kinda fun to have that done although not many people would see it in real life. But it could still be a conversation starter. Like "what's the wildest thing you've done?" "Well, I have a genital piercing." Sounds kinda bad ass if you ask me. I know a place where the piercers are top rate and it's only $35 to get done. So I'm really considering it.
I'll think about it for a bit and then decide, I guess. Probably best not to rush into things like this.

Subject:St. Patty's Day Extravaganza
Time:07:25 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
Well, it's been a few days since the big event and my head's finally cleared out, I think. The night began innocently enough, me getting off work and planning on going out with some friends to celebrate. So Bec, Laney and I decided to go out. Jen was out with her boyfriend (again) and I swear I almost wish she would move out. Ok, off on a tangent. Well, I'm not much of a manly drinker and it seems like all of the Irish specials were Guinness (yuck) or Irish car bombs (yuck) or green miller (can't drink miller, get a headache). So I decided to say screw it and drink berry vodka and lemonade.
Determined not to get trashed in front of strangers, the night started off ok. Had about 2 drinks, decided that the crowds were crappy, and wanted to get home before they got worse. I guess that's what happens when people drink all day and we show up at 6 pm.
So we went home and decided to drink more. Feeling sleepy, I took an ephedrine, which kept me awake, but had the unfortunate effect of making me not feel how much alcohol I was drinking. Fast forward 2 hours and we're sitting on the living room floor with some music on talking about who we would and would not sleep with. In all of my drunken logic, I started going on about how I haven't been with another girl in a long time and I'm feeling anxious to go down that path again. Jen and Laney are both bi curious and we've had the drunken make out, but never anything further, which is fine on my part. They're great girls, but just not my type, they'd both fall into the bigger and beautiful category. Love them, but just not for me in that way. However, they decide to ask me which girls I'd sleep with.
Here's where it gets bad. Not wanting to offend anyone, I say, sure I'd sleep with them. But then I quickly change the subject to other girls I know that I'd actually like to sleep with, if only I could be sure they wouldn't feel freaked out if I asked them for a casual encounter. So, Jen ends up going to bed and it's me and Bec on the floor and she asks why I'd sleep with Jen, and I say "2 reasons: I know she'd do it, and I know where she's been, so I wouldn't get anything." Wow, fantastic drunk words. Then I admit that I really think my ex boyfriend's sister is hot, but I don't know what she thinks of me. This is made even more difficult b/c me and the ex are still friends.
Shortly after that, and after more drinks on my part, I ended up passing out. Sadly, Bec did not drink as much as I did, so she told me all about what I said the night before and now has even more dirt on me than ever!!! Yeah, apparently, I become a very horny lesbian when I drink too much.

Subject:How I got started
Time:07:10 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed
Well, a brief complaint before I get to the good stuff. Why does it suck to have a girly time every month? I thought I had avoided it by depo, but I guess it just makes it unpredictable. I feel bad for having to tell a customer in the middle of an order "oops, I have to wash your item, then wear it again in a few days, sorry." Arrgh! I hope that he's understanding at least.
On to the fun stuff: How I got started selling my panties on line.
Well, last Spring Break (yep, almost a year ago), I went on vacation w/ my friends to an undisclosed warm location. After a day spent on the beach, I entered a thong contest. I happened to be wearing a pair of panties that said "Fuck Me" on them. I know, I couldn't have planned it better. I just figured, it's spring break, might as well wear some naughty panties. So, after pulling down my shorts a bit, just enough so the crowd could read, I got a roar of approval from the crowd. Needless to say, I won the contest, free drinks for me all night!
So the next day, I realized, I had begun picking out panties according to if someone would think they were sexy if they saw them. I got excited thinking about how naughty I was being. No one saw them that day, but spring break wasn't over yet. So I found myself in another type of contest a day or so later. I was wearing a black g-string that had a chain going across the front with the letters "S-E-X-Y" dangling from it. This contest was actually a way for me to earn some spending cash. It was called a panty raffle. And there was a hat placed in front of each girl (I think there were 5 of us) and the guys could enter their names in a hat for a dollar entry. When we had enough entries, we each got to pick the winner from the hats. The guy I picked came on stage and had to get on his knees with his hands behind his back. He then had to take off my panties using only his mouth, and I tried to dance around a little so that it was more difficult for him. He finally got them off after about a song and a half. Then he got to keep them and I got the money that was in my raffle. Yay for more drinks!
But after that, I found myself wondering what he had done with the panties. Was he smelling them? Touching them? Playing with them? I know that he probably wasn't, he was a drunk college boy, but I realized that I was turned on and excited at the thought of someone using my panties in that way. So after coming home (and in case you're wondering, I didn't even have sex with anyone down there, just made out with a few people), I started looking around online for panty raffle type things. Well, I found used panty sales, and I was immediately intrigued by it.
I played around with the idea for months, doing some hardcore research into what it would take to get a site going and to get people to come visit it. And after awhile, I started my site, and that's how it started. I've been online now for 2 months and have had so much fun with it. I love to wear my panties, play in them, then send them out. I get so anxious to hear about them when they are recieved, and what people do with them and if they like them. I think I've found a fun way to earn a bit of extra money. And it's so fun to put stuff on my wish lists, it's like shopping without the guilt (well, and without the stuff, but I can imagine I have it).
So that's how it started, and in spite of how it sounds, I still really am a good girl, I'm just an exhibitionist at times. I love to make out, but I actually have to know someone before I have sex with them, there's too many scary things out there for me to risk my coochie! And for all I know, I'm out there on some cell phone cameras or whatever in my spring break experience (don't all check your phones at once!)
Well, will blab more later.

Subject:Too Cold!
Time:04:15 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
So it is positively freezing here! I really hate the cold weather. It makes the walk between classes feel even longer than it should.
Anyway, I promised to only write sexy things here, so that's what I'm doing. I'm super excited b/c 30 seconds to mars is coming here in April and I'm so going to see them. There's this song called "The Kill" on their new album, and I get wet every time I hear it. Wonder what will happen when I hear it live. Last time they were here, I actually met Jared Leto, but froze and couldn't say anything to him, but that I liked his band or something stupid like that. If my NIN auction would've gone over better, I probably would auction those panties too, but it didn't really do that great. I think I barely broke even on it. Oh well.
So that's about it for me for today. My fingers are freezing off, wish I could stay warm!

Subject:Sexy shoes galore!
Time:08:58 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
So I've decided to stop writing about boring humdum stuff in my blog and focus on sexy naughty things. I mean, I do love to write about my everyday stuff, but I think it would be more fun to read about someone's naughty thoughts.
So, on my site, I decided to have an auction for the panties I'll be wearing to the NIN concert. Up for a day and no bids yet, maybe everyone's waiting till the last minute or no one's interested. I don't know. I just know I saw how they looked after the last concert I went to and figured it would be a good product to highlight. Well, I hope someone bids on it, either that or I'll have to throw them on stage at Trent and hope that he's a panty guy!
Been doing a lot of updates and stuff. Last night I was really bored, checked my email like 20 times, and never really got any messages. Sad, but I guess when you check every 2 seconds you can't really count on it. But I added a whole mess of stuff to my amazon wishlist. Just found out that they sell some really sexy things on there. I added a few corsets, and a ton of shoes. I love shoes, and heels, and these shoes, omg, they are just the best I've ever seen. I would seriously wear them everywhere I could just so people would look at my feet! Dream come true.
So that's really about it for tonight. Just wishing I had more people to talk to online, so when I'm bored I have something to do. And wishing I could be wearing more panties for people. I've been sooo wet lately, it's really a shame there's no one here to taste it. Oh well, I guess it's just a dry spell for me. Haha dry spell. Whatever. I'm in a good mood.

Subject:Grrr to this week!
Time:01:05 pm
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
So I know it's only Tuesday, but I already feel like this week is shot. It was fine on Sunday then all of a sudden it's not anymore.
So my TV broke on Monday morning. I got up to eat breakfast and watch the weather and when I turned the tv on, nothing happened. It made that electric noise like it was on, but there was no picture, no sound, nothing. I tried buttons on the DVR and the actual TV remote and still nothing. I went to actually turn the power off on the TV itself, and that even did nothing. So I had to leave for work in fear that my apartment would burn down while I was at work. I called Bec on the way, but got her voice mail, so I left her a message asking her to please unplug the TV when she got home, if our apartment was still there. Apparently she was working late and Jen and Laney are still out of town before school starts again, so I got home and had to crawl behind the TV stand in the mess of wires to unplug the TV.
Well, apparently it's a picture tube and it would cost more to fix it then to get a new TV, but I was not planning on this extra couple hundred dollar expense. I'm going to buy one on Thursday, when I actually get some money, but then that thing is mine and no one else had better be mean to it b/c it's coming with me when I move. Which by the way, might be sooner rather than later.
So now I'm online a lot b/c I really hadn't noticed how much I rely on TV to keep me company. I can play with my cat, but sometimes she just wants to sleep. Arrgh!
I have to go get me depo shot today, which is going to suck. My arm always hurts for about 3 days afterward, but seeing as how I'm so bad at taking the pill on time this is my only option. Even though I'm not even sleeping with anyone and haven't been for about a month. I love battery operated toys!
But enough blah blah, time to go search the net. Bec and I and a bunch of us are going out on Friday to see stand up comedy. Should be fun, and fortunately it's a free thing she won so I don't have to worry about not being able to go b/c I just spent all my money on a TV.

Subject:A little bit about me
Time:02:42 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
I always see on everyone's blogs that they have an about me section with likes, dislikes, and random things. So I decided to make up my own so you can get to know me a little better.

Music: I like rock and pop. My favorite bands/artists ever are: Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Garbage, Liz Phair (except her new album), White Stripes, Lords of Acid, tons of others.

Movies: I love drama and comedy and horror. I guess I pretty much like all movies except for Action, War, or other more intense movies. Some of my fave movies are: Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Doom Generation, Nowhere, anything directed by Kevin Smith, and anything with Angelina Jolie.

TV: I love Nip/Tuck, Aqua Teen, Sex and the City, Degrassi, Law and Order SVU (I love the female detective on this one), and documentaries like True Life.

Books: I love fairytales, Stephen King, Anne Rice, short story collections.

Colors: I love red, black, purple, and pink.

Tattoos: I have one.

Piercings: Ears and navel.

Restaurants: I love Cousins subs, Qdoba, Starbucks, Taco Bell when I'm drunk. I always love to try new things, just had sushi, and it was good!

What do I like to do in my free time: In the little freetime I have, I like to hang out and home and relax or go out to a dance club with my girls. I like to drink, but I try not to do it too much because I hate working when I'm hung over.

Alcoholic Drinks: Wine (except reds, I'm allergic to sulfates), Smirnoff Black Cherry, Strawberry Stoli and lemonade, Jager Bombs, Captain and Cherry Coke.

NonAlcoholic Drinks: Tea. I drink tea every day, I love Tazo and Teavana. I also like Cherry Coke.

Clothing Style: I wear what I like, which is a bizarre mix of goth and preppy. I love goth clothes because they're so fun and sexy, but I also love to wear jeans and layered tees. I guess my personal style is that I wear everything. I guess I'm a chameleon.

Hair Style: Long and highlighted. I just recently got some lowlights put in so my hairs a bit brown instead of the natural dark blonde. I just got sick of so many of my friends dyeing their hair blonde, that I went darker. I'm sure it'll change in another month or two.

Eyes: Blue green.

Foods: Pizza, italian food, mexican food, salmon, french fries.

Ummmm....... That's all I can think of for now. It was actually harder for me to do a list than just to write about myself. Weird. So, probably not a lot more lists to come in the future!

Subject:Finally relaxing
Time:10:34 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Well, it's good to sit down. I had to go to family functions on Saturday and Sunday, plus squeeze in a shift at work. Then back at work today, but went out with some of my girlfriends tonight for geisha night. We ate sushi (my first time) and saw "Memoirs of a Geisha". Great movie!

I had eel with cucumber and seaweed, but I don't know what the actual Japanese name was, but it was good. We had warm sake, which was kinda gross. Molly and I were taking turns doing shots of it just to get rid of our order. To let it sit would've been alcohol abuse! I had some shiitake mushrooms too, and they were good, but I got 3 slices on a skewer for $4. Won't be eating there everyday.

Sam gave me a birthday present she'd been forgetting to give me for months. She wrapped it up in Christmas paper and everything. It was this really neat pinup book where about 75% of the girls had their panties around their ankles. I thought it was kinda funny especially because of my new venture into the panty world. So I'm thinking about framing a few and putting them by my computer for fun, but Bec probably would kill me!

Well, I have to work the morning shift tomorrow, but I bet it'll be kinda slow especially b/c it wasn't today. Off to bed, well, to TV, then bed.

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